May 27, 2017

Hotel History

Historic hotels have been a legacy of downtown Fort Scott Kansas since the mid 1800’s. All but one of the hotels in Ft Scott have been lost to time. However, the Courtland Hotel stands as a testament and reminder of the grandeur of the days past.  Built circa 1906, it continues to carry on the Historic Hotels legacy, in downtown Fort Scott.


When the Courtland Hotel was one of the new hotels in Ft Scott it had multiple retail businesses inside of it. The businesses included the Adams and Pacific Express Co., Tailor Shop, Q. L. Cooper restaurant, Fort Scott Steam Laundry and the upstairs was used as a Boarding House.


Over the years many businesses have come and gone. There was, at different times, everything from a Chiropractors office, an Auto parts store, a Printing business, a Liquor store, multiple named restaurants and even a start-up Accountant that is still in business here in Fort Scott.


For the first 50-60 years the Historic Hotel in Fort Scott was “Men Only” Reports from a retired local Policeman claimed that he was called down to the hotel on a number of occasions to “Escort an unruly Female from the building” If the walls could talk…


As a benefit to guests seeking to learn about the rich history of Fort Scott Ks and the hotels of Fort Scott we have a small Museum in the now lobby/breakfast space. We have collected a number of old photos and books about and of downtown Fort Scott. These include some images of other hotels in Fort Scott. You can see the Goodlander Hotel that sat on the corner of Wall and National Ave. Also the Wilder House that was built in circa 1862. It is still standing but has been converted into apartments. It is on the corner of Wall and Main St.


And of course we are only one (1) city block south of the US National Park Historic site Fort Scott. It is a fully restored 1842 Frontier Post. Oh and by the way the street that is on the east side of the hotel ,Scott Ave, is the Old Military Road that ran north and south along the border of Missouri to protect the Frontier.

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